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Shourie started a one-man crusade in 1981 against Abdul Rehman Antulay, the chief minister of Maharashtra State, who allegedly extorted millions of dollars from businesses dependent on state resources and put the money in a private trust named after Indira Gandhi. The story caused the eventual resignation of the chief minister , the highest-ranking official in India ever forced from office by newspaper reporting, and great embarrassment to Gandhi and her ruling Congress Party.

Between 1982 and 1986, Shourie wrote for various newspapers and magazines, at the same time as being General Secretary of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties. He was appointed executive editor of the Times of India in 1986 but was lured back to the Indian Express by Goenka in 1987. Shourie launched an attack on then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi over the Bofors howitzer gun purchase scandal. This contributed to Gandhi’s defeat in the subsequent parliamentary elections.

Among the many battles Shourie fought for press freedom, perhaps the most famous was his crusade against the government’s proposal in 1988 to introduce a defamation bill. It was widely perceived that the bill had been introduced with unusual speed in Parliament in an attempt to muzzle the Indian Express, and the entire media community joined Shourie and the Indian Express in condemning the move.

At one stage, there were 300 cases filed by the government against the Indian Express, and credit supply from banks was cut off. Shourie, however, continued his battle against government corruption until 1990, when differences on editorial policy forced him to resign from the Indian Express.

He has written 15 books which include “Worshiping False Gods”, “Eminent Historians – Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud”, “Missionaries in India” and “The World of Fatwas” among others.

His book The World of Fatwas deals with Islam and Worshipping False God on modern day Dalit icon Dr. Ambedkar.

In his book Worshipping False Gods, Shourie criticized B.R. Ambedkar, the leader of Dalits for alleged complicity with the British and lust for power and wealth.

His writings have gained him a considerable following around the country, as well as several national and international honours. Among these are the Padma Bhushan, the Magsaysay Award, the Dadabhai Naoroji Award, the Astor Award, the K.S. Hegde Award and the International Editor of the Year Award. The Federation of Indian Publishers recently conferred The Freedom to Publish Award on him.


Ph.D.(Economics); B.J.P.(Uttar Pradesh); s. of Shri Hari Dev Shourie and Shrimati

Dayawanti Shourie; b. at Jalandhar (Punjab), November 2,1941; ed. at, (i) Modern School, New Delhi, (ii) St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and (iii) University of Syracuse, U.S.A.; m. Shrimati Anita Shourie, February 12, 1967; 1 s.

Writer: renders occasional help to his wife in her work for spastic children; received several national and international awards including Padma Bhushan, Magsaysay Award, Dadabhai Naoroji Award, Astor Award, International Editor of the Year Award, etc.; elected to the Rajya Sabha in July,1998.

Clubs : India International Centre.

Travels abroad : Visited over twenty countries.

Publications : Published fourteen books; now working on a book on Pakistan.

Special interest : Serving child.

Permanent address : H.No.165, Sector-15A, Gautambudhanagar, Uttar Pradesh.


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  1. Shourieji,
    I liked your struggle against corruption.
    I need your help for the cause of Vidhrabha Farmers(Maharashtra). You must be knowing about Vidharbha’s farmers suicides. This all is happening because of bad politics played by Western Maharashtra politiciens. Farmers are dying like anything.
    In Akola’s Newspaper “Deshonnati” there is one column which tells you daily figure of farmers death like we have column for wheather.
    Is this the country we want ?? I want your help to show case the problem of vidharbha region.I am from Vidharbha region only.

    The problem of farmers is there is very little irrigation facilities. And also there are little or no industries in Vidharbha.
    I hope you will reply.

    Comment by Nikunj — November 2, 2008 @ 12:16 pm

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